The Rhino Doors 70 mm Composite Door

Choosing a door for your home is a very important and difficult decision, particularly given the number of options available. You need to know you are choosing the right door for your home, a door that is as secure as it is stylish and that is designed to stand the test of time. The Rhino Door has been developed to the highest of standards, using the very best materials to ensure you get everything you are looking for and more.

Stunning Aesthetics
The Rhino Door is available in a large range of door styles and countless colour options. Furthermore, there are 7 triple glazed glass ranges to choose from to truly personalise your door. Adding in the low maintenance and durability that comes with choosing a GRP composite door makes a Rhino Composite Door a very appealing option.
Enhanced Security
Every Rhino Door comes with the most enhanced security of any composite door available in Ireland today:
• 10 Point locking system
• 4 Dog Bolts on hinge side
• 3 star TS007 security rating
• YALE Lifetime Security Guarantee
o Up to £ 1,000 towards Home Insurance excess
o Up to £ 1,000 towards repairs or replacements
o £ 1,000 compensation
o Up to £ 250 refund on call-out fees
Impressive Kerb Appeal
The woodgrain finish on a Rhino Door is developed from oak tree grain, creating a beautiful authentic appearance. You’ll find the same woodgrain effect, moulding design and exact colour match on the slim glazing cassette too, giving a seamless and elegant finish.
Superb Thermal Efficiency
When it comes to energy efficiency, a Rhino Door is the best choice you can make, proven in independent testing to be substantially more thermally efficient than traditional timber doors and timber core composite doors. See page 4 for more information.
Ultimate Weatherproofing
The Rhino Door has an excellent weather seal thanks to its double rebate and the water resistant polymer composite rails protect its core. This means it won’t suffer from water absorption which can lead to skin delamination and cause functional problems often associated with lower quality products. Your Rhino Door will keep the weather at bay and will stay looking good for longer.
Enhanced Warranties
No other door offers warranties to beat the Rhino Door:
• 25 year structural warranty on slab
• 25 year anti corrosion warranty on furniture surface finishes
• 10 year mechanical warranty on moving parts
• 10 year paint warranty