Energy Efficiency

The thermal performance of our doors have to be experienced to be believed, but a u-value rating of just 0.403 W/m2.k is extremely impressive.  Having undergone rigorous testing at Salford University in the UK, our door was proven to be 40% more thermally efficient than a solid timber door.

With a double rebate to ensure weather sealing, we can be relied upon to keep the weather outside where it belongs.  Our doors are 57% thicker than standard flush composite doors, and apart from the improved thermal performance, our door also performs exceptionally well in reducing the level of outside noise entering your home.  50mm triple glazing in all doors increases thermal efficiency, and reduces outside noise pollution also.

Thanks to our water-resistant polymer composite rail, your door is fully warrantied against water absorption and subsequent skin delamination or other functional problems associated with lower quality doors.